Some words

When will it stop raining

When oh when
Oh when oh when
Oh when
Will it stop raining

Could this be a timely warning
Maybe caused by global warming
A new idea is now dawning
That it won’t stop raining

So I feel must complain
Before I turn wholly insane
And my enthusiasm starts to wane
I’d like it to stop raining

When will we have another game
I don’t want one called off again
This weather has been such a pain
It’s time to stop it raining

Just last week our spirits soared
On ninety seven Elder scored
Now we’re at home and getting bored
Please can you it stop raining

It hasn’t always been this way
In winters past we seemed to play
Almost every Saturday
Please please please stop raining

We had it frosty, had it cold
But we turned up good as gold
And if I may be so bold
I’m sure it wasn’t raining

Winter games were played at night
With snow sparkles in the floodlight
Like stars that shimmered by moonlight
And now it just keeps raining

But the weather it has changed
The games keep being rearranged
I’m starting to feel quite deranged
Why won’t it just stop raining

So it’s time I must confess
As I’m sure you will have guessed
That I am getting quite depressed