Super Sunday

Super Sunday, eh? Man Utd V Liverpool and Man City v Chelsea cup final. 4 of the top 6 teams in the country. Silverware at Wembley and the top of the Premier League at stake. What could possibly go wrong? 4 hours of unremitting boredom with no goals, animated only by a scrap between the most expensive goalkeeper in the world who let in a powder puff penalty, and a manager who has never won anything. Not one league, not one cup, not one promotion, nothing. And is paid millions. The beautiful game, eh? 

So, why not spend a Sunday afternoon watching a game that means something to the players, their managers, and their fans? Where the effort and passion will really count. A local derby between Tonbridge and Maidstone.

The ferocity of local rivalry does seem to perplex some fans, but then a match between Tonbridge and Maidstone comes along and for 90 minutes trenches are dug, battlements are manned and long standing enmity bursts forth. I sincerely hope that this Ladies match arouses similar passions, especially being a Kent Plate semi final.

Having been promoted this season the progression of Tonbridge Angels Ladies in the league was outstanding, until hitting a couple of bumps in the road recently which has seen them slip back from challenging today’s opponents for second place in the league. They now sit 5th, but with games in hand on teams above them. However, it is very difficult to establish any momentum when you have only played three league games since 25th November 2018! The hallmark of the team is togetherness, typified by the recent team trip to Ireland for the captain’s wedding, and this will help them build and bond for this match, which offers is the chance to play at Longmead against a team they have a real prospect of beating.

Maidstone are unexpected opponents, replacing Bromley who beat them in the quarter final but were then excluded from the competition, I believe for playing an ineligible player. They are 3rd in the league, but not in great form with two defeats and a draw in their last three games, so may be there for the taking. Tonbridge will be hoping for a repeat of the 4-1 win back in October, and perhaps the game will even produce some Teniola Time heroics for a lady to make themselves another Tonbridge legend.

The media coverage of the untimely death of Kent Football United’s Jordan Dawes last week was a mark of how football stands together, and in particular of how far Ladies football has progressed in the public awareness. Hopefully this awareness and appreciation of the game will be marked by an attendance well in excess of a hundred – so if you have nothing planned for the Sunday afternoon, come and give them your support. They deserve it.

Walk out music……is this an outtake from the wedding party videos? I’m sure I can see manager Dan hiding at the back….


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