Hark, I hear The Angels sing

Crawling around the grimy South Circular
That dreary switchback of South London suburbia
Lined by bus lanes and cameras for speed
Which at 20 mph nobody needs
Kebab shop, Nail bar and Tesco Express
Bracket tired old houses that should be worth less

White van man is in the wrong lane
Cutting me up again and again
All to look forward to at the next light
Is whether this moron is up for a fight
South East London gets in my head
An ideal film set for Shaun of the Dead

It’s an awayday to Dulwich where Farage was schooled
Now ironically home to all those he’d abuse
I shudder at paying five pounds for a pint
Of craft dark pale ale bitter stout shite
Or a ludicrous six pounds for a beef burger,
‘Cos the cow ate some grass, tests me even further

Angels have a game plan, which is to sit tight
With one man up front leading the fight
Early exchanges soon even out
Two sides well matched, both in with a shout
Then Parkie thumps home a low lashing drive
Just to the right of the keepers late dive

Winning at half time buoys up our dreams
But the start of the second unpicks the team
Our centre back rock George Beavan’s subbed off
The scores are soon level, will it be enough?
It spurs on the Hamlet whose tempo soars high
Then Phipp limps away as fierce tackles fly

Scans takes out a man and we’re down to ten
We fear that this one may slip again
It’s backs to the wall, it’s dugouts, it’s trenches
And all those cliches as we look to the benches
But Dibs is having a day of great form
Swatting away the Dulwich mens’ swarm

The mist descends and as our moods darken
Akrofi steps up and begins to sparkle
Three minutes to go, and he buys a free kick
Could this be our one chance to nick?
As his marker chooses to block, not to jump
With a spring heeled leap he soars past the lump

A mad dash down the touch line for excited fans
Dulwich heads droop, not part of their plans
Fifteen hundred raise barely a murmur
Maybe they’re all still eating their burger
We while away some six minutes more
With time wasting tactics all within the law

At end of the game, hark, hear Angels sing
The first time for a while, drink in the scene,
So back to the car and that dismal road home
But this time we don’t feel like a carp and a moan
We have the warm feeling that football can bring
When Tonbridge Angels bring back a great win


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